Positive Spin (Coming out October 2012)
'Positive Spin' Coming out in October 2012

After the underground success of Exile on Brick Lane and two long years refining his new album, Freddy McQuinn, supported by the cream of Paris's musicians, presents his new offering, Positive Spin. His "old" buddies - Cyril Atef (-M-, Bum Cello); Maxime Zampieri (Yodelice, Magic Malik); Christophe "Disco" Mink (Rokia Traore, Air); Seb Martel; Sandra NKake; Fixi (Java, Tony Allen); Nicolas "Nico What" Liesnard (Hugh Coltman, Hindi Zahra); Ben Molinaro (Sly Johnson) - have all answered his call. This album, recorded with loving care and manic attention, reflects the eclectic musical style of Freddy McQuinn. Raspy blues, gritty pop, old-school ballads, and funky grooves elegantly combine to create a unique atmosphere. Grounded in a raging anti-conformism, the lyrics of McQuinn & The Humans From Earth - often ambiguous - are a real treat. Bittersweet in its cynical assessment of the state of our planet and our world, Positive Spin is a raised fist and a rallying cry to the indignation of our time.
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